War of the Dead

Welcome to the Pinnacle
In which we have a fancy dinner, then everyone dies.

The Pinnacle was quite a ship.

My friends call be Ace, so let’s stick with that. I was aboard the Pinnacle for a private game I had been invited to. There was quite a bit of money up for grabs, and being on the ship would keep me away from some people who wanted to get back in touch with me.

Thanks to my world renowned celebrity on the World Poker Tour, I managed to get myself invited to the sit at the captain’s table. I found myself sitting with Charles and Gladys Shepherd, a TV evangelist preacher and his wife. He seemed a bit slimy, but he’s a preacher so what can you expect. Another dinner guest was Pierce who looked to be a real lady killer. Also, just Pierce; like Madonna. Frank Johnson, also at our table, told us he recently won the lottery and was looking to retire in style; I hit him up for some cards after dinner. We also had an architect on the ship, Vance, and he even worked on the plans for it. Our last dinner companions were an oil tycoon and his wife.

Dinner was going along pretty well when all of a sudden Billy the oil tycoon excused himself and collapsed on the floor. It was probably heart burn, but Charles seemed concerned when he got over to take a look. Turns out Charles is handy with some medical skills, not just preaching. Billy was rushed down to the infirmary and his wife went with him.

After dinner, Frank and I started up a quick game of cards which I quickly took down. Mitzy suddenly shows up in a panic, her arm is bleeding rather profusely. I ran off to get the captain with Frank while Charles once again pulls out his medical know-how and tends to Mitzy. I’m not sure if I heard this part right, but Mitzy said her husband bit her while they were in the infirmary. Charles and Vance volunteer to escort her to her room while Frank and I call security to get them down to the infirmary.

Pierce has been boozing at the bar and picking up waitresses.

Charles would later fill us in on their adventures at the infirmary. Once they got down there they found medical staff killed and Billy apparently eating one of the doctors. They ran off in a panic once security showed up to deal with the situation. Charles went off to get his gun and Vance went off to pack his stuff and get in touch with his friends. Gladys was sitting with Mitzy in her room while they were checking on the infirmary. Mitzy finally settles down and falls asleep, so Gladys leaves her to find her husband.

Charles and Gladys show up once again to retrieve Pierce, as he appeared to be rather capable. Turns out he is extremely capable when it comes to dealing with these sorts of situations; he’s a spy. Pierce agrees to head down and deal with the attackers, who must be pirates.

We get to Mizty’s room and hear someone banging on the door, trying to get out. I was pretty sure the pirates were down in the infirmary, and this was Mizty. She had a bit to drink, so I wanted to make sure she was all right. I opened the door and there she is, stumbling about her room so I step in to try and help her out. I take her arm over my shoulder to help her balance and all off a sudden Frank rushes in and checks her into the wall. Apparently she was going to bite my face off. Charles shows up and points a Derringer at her and blows a fucking hole in her chest.

I’m not sure what to say at this point. The preacher seems to have gone off the deep end, but Mizty stands back up. She has a hole the size of my fist where her right lung used to be. I can see meat and bone flecks smattered against the wall of her cabin. She starts moaning again.

We slam the door on her and tie it shut with a fire hose by stringing it to the door across the hall.

Security shows up, lead by Jason Kirkman. He directs us back to our rooms, and we agree. I head off with Frank, there’s no way I’m going to my room alone. Vance has to pull down the hose because his room was across from Mitzy’s. We here gunshots a few minutes later. That was what put Charles into motion. He decided it was time to get moving, so he and Gladys made their way through the halls and collected us. It took some convincing to get Pierce moving. From the moaning coming from his room it sounded like Mitzy had gotten him, but he was just banging a waitress.

Vance agreed to come with us if we would stop to get his friends, and since security was on the way to them it would work out. As we made our way there we ran into another crazed passenger who was attempting to kill someone else. Security showed up as we were making our way through the halls and saved her. We then followed them down to the security station, hoping we could make a call for help. Then Mr. Forthington showed up and was a real douche. He ordered the captain and Kirkman not to make a call, and even getting in his face and waving the threat of a lawsuit was not enough to deter this order. After he left, Kirkman agreed to help us get to a radio we could use to call for help. We headed out into the halls again and didn’t make it far before we ran into three more passengers chasing down several others and taking huge bites out of them.


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