Mitzy Haines

The wife of a wealthy oil baron.


Mitzy had dinner with us, but left to be with her husband, Billy Haines, after he collapsed during dinner. She returned later after her husband bit her on the arm.

Gladys Shepherd kept her company while Charles Shepherd went to the infirmary with Vance to find out what had happened. Mitzy eventually died from her bite and was trapped in her room when she got back up.

Ace, Content Not Found: frank, and Pierce arrived later and opened her room to find out what Gladys was doing. Ace, assuming she was drunk, attempted to help her out of her room. Frank’s fast reflexes saved Ace from getting his face bitten off by Gladys and Charles shot her through the chest with his gun. Everyone was concerned when she got back up after that. The group locked her into her room and left her.

Mitzy Haines

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